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Being an electrician is a profession that usually works in a ton of different environments. They usually work on their own but when needed team work is equally as important. Even though this profession can be quite dangerous if the electrician is well prepared and does his diligence he will be successful at it.

There is a set of things that you should accomplish in order to be considered a great electrician.

    1. Have a valid electrician license. “This is the best way to let the client know that he is hiring an expert. In order to get licensed one must undergo schooling, training and finally passing an exam that proves that he has the proper understanding and knowledge of the field. Also, and this is very important, in case of an electrical fire, if you can’t prove that the expert you hired is certified you might not be able to claim from your insurance.
    2. Have insurance. “ eing an electrician is one of the most dangerous jobs there are. They usually handle high voltage wires, climb electric posts, roofs, ceilings, tall ladders and many other things, so he must be insured in case something happens, also, having insurance gives the client great peace of mind since he won’t have to worry about something happening while working for him.
    3. One should study and always be updated about relevant information regarding his job.
    4. Establish a network of clients. “Good word of mouth will definitely help an electrician. But even if past clients don’t tell their friends about him, if he did a good job its more than likely that he will get hired by the same client if he ever needs something done again.
    5. Always give near-exact price estimates for a whole project, if he is not sure he will ask for a visit in order to judge the correct amount.
    6. Service Warranty. “A decent electrician is one who stands behind his work. He will give a service warranty for an acceptable period of time.
    7. Responsibility and punctuality “Once a client hires you, you must work with a responsible head. You must always be on time, there will be some circumstances when your work will be urgent so you must adhere to the timetable that you gave your client.

If you follow this simple guidelines it’s more than likely that you will end up being a successful electrician.

Good luck!

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