Generator Installation Atlanta

Our Certified Electricians in Atlanta are just the people to install new Electric or gas generator, or repair and service the existing generator you have, to make your home or business ready for any power interruption.

Whether the generator is for emergencies only or for everyday use, the generator needs to be professionally installed for your Atlanta home or business to ensure it functions properly when you need it most.

The professionals at Way’s Electric have over 20 years experience performing all forms of electrical service, including generator installation, service, and repair and are certified electrical contractors covering the entire Atlanta Metro Area and South Carolina.

Generator Installation And Repair Atlanta

You may be wondering why you would ever need a generator in your Atlanta home or business, if so, here are some of the top reasons why Atlanta home and business owners invest in a generator for both emergency and everyday use. An in-home / in – business generator can supply electricity to your Atlanta residence during power outages or extreme weather conditions. It allows you to continue using essential appliances such as heaters, air conditioners, sump pumps, and refrigerators, as well as lights. An in-home generator in Atlanta will start with the push of a button or automatically–you don’t even have to be home–it is connected to the house wiring and the natural gas supply. The generator is installed outdoors on a cement pad near the natural gas source, according on your city codes.

There’s no need to be in the dark after or during one of our nasty Atlanta storms, or deal with unnecessary flooding, food spoilage, or extreme temperatures. An in-home generator can give you peace of mind and the ability to function normally at work or at home until the power is back.

If you are considering the purchase of an in-home generator, Ways Electric is your certified and licensed and bonded and insured electrician with over 20 years experience. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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