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Our Certified Electricians in Atlanta are just the people to install new Flood lighting to make your home or business more safe and secure! The flood lighting you have been thinking about whether it is for safety or beauty or both needs to be professionally wired to your Atlanta home or business electrical system to ensure it functions properly. The professionals at Way’s Electric have over 20 years experience performing all forms of electrical service, including flood light installation, and as certified electrical contractors covering the entire Atlanta Metro Area and South Carolina. If you want to get your new flood lighting up and running quickly and safely make sure you contact our safety certified professionals now!

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The Licensed Electrician at Ways Electric wants to remind you that security lighting, or flood lights, are a simple and easy way to deter criminals and alert you to approaching visitors. Outdoor flood / security lighting is not only a security method, but it’s also a way to light pathways when traveling from your car to the front door of your Atlanta home. Utilizing proper flood lighting at night is a great way to secure your Atlanta home and can be the first step to ensure petty criminals will avoid your home for robbery that can also harm your family. Make an investment in your family’s security by adding security lights to your home and install a little peace of mind.

Ways Electric also wants to remind you that flood lights are one of the Simplest, Yet Most Effective Ways to Secure Your Atlanta area Home or business! A Security Light, or Flood Light, is a high intensity light fixture that is able to illuminate large areas evenly. Home intruders often look for an easy target. If there is any kind of security visible, they will generally move on to the next potential target. Also, in general, would-be intruders tend to break into homes that are shrouded in darkness, so just by simply lighting your perimeter with floodlights you will greatly increase the security of your Atlanta home or business. Strategically placed in trees or on a wall, floodlights can illuminate areas such as driveways, walkways, parking areas, backyards, lawns, porches, alleys, and any other areas that would normally be hidden by darkness.

Floodlights also help light your path and provide piece of mind when you are returning home after dark, or need to venture out into the perimeter of your home to investigate something. They also shine so brightly that you can investigate from within your home looking outward.

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