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Flat Screen Tvs / Home Theater Installs

Way’s Electrical is the premier installer of flat screen TVs and home theater systems in the Atlanta area. Having a certified electrician install your new devices ensures it is done properly and you can enjoy them for years to come. Call us Now!

Security Systems

We offer a full suite of protection services from the installation and repair and monitoring of burglar, fire, and smoke alarms to CCTV, access control systems, and even home automation systems. Let our certified specialists give you a free consultation today!

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

We offer full service ceiling fan installation and repair performed by a certified electrician. From inspecting the area, to removing the old fan or light fixture – we do it all! Contact us today for a free ceiling fan installation quote.

Hot Tub Installation & Repair

Congratulations! You have your new hot tub! Now it requires to be wired to your home’s electrical system. This is where your “Electrical Service Experts” – Way’s Electric can help make the installation of your hot tub run smooth. Call us now or visit our Hot Tub page for more information.

GFI Devices

GFI Devices are required by the National Electrical code in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outside, and in places where people may come in contact with water and electricity. Many homes do not have these life saving devices. Our electrician can install these today – call us.

New Outlets

Our Certified Electrician can install a new outlet of any kind anywhere in your home. Often man of the new “toys” we buy from flat screen TV’s to full movie screens require new outlets to be installed. Call us today for outlet installation or visit our outlet installation page for more information.

Recessed Lighting

Fantastic interior lighting is critical to the beauty of any Atlanta area home. Our team of certified electricians have installed thousands of recessed lights and instantly changed the entire ambiance of the home. For a reliable electrician in Atlanta to install your recessed lights, call or visit our recessed lights page.

Flood Lighting

Our Electrician installs everything from motion sensor lights, to flood lights, to any security lighting needed to protect you and your family. If you have lights on your home, we can change the bulbs, repair the system, add motion detectors, or replace your bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. Call us today.

Indoor Lighting

From recessed lighting to halogen track lighting used to accent pieces in your home, your Way’s Electrician can layout, design, and install any interior lighting system to acheive your goals. Our certified electrician can ensure the beauty of your homes interior – Call today.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights can change the appearance of a home overnight!Your Way’s Electrician offers a full line of services from layout and design, to suggestions and ideas, to repairing the existing landscape lighting system. Call your Way’s electrician today.

Surge Protection

Surge Protectors work by monitoring the flow of electricty through your home. When the voltage goes up from a power surge or lighting strike, the Surge Protector drains all of the excess power into the ground and away from your sensitive electronics. Call our electrician today.

Dimmer Switches

A light switch which can adjust the brightness of the switched lamp from dim to bright, as well as turnng it on and off. This can have a terrific affect on the ambience of a home transitioning from play area in the day to lovers lane in the evening with soft lighting. Call a Way’s electrician.

Code Corrections / Inspections

Our electrician will provide a complete electrical code inspection. If we run into any devices in your home or business that are not up to code, we can usually repair them while on site, bringing your home or business up to code. We will also inspect your service panel and internal breaker panel.

Network / Computer Cabling

Way’s Electric offers customized data cabling solutions for business and home owners. No job is too small. We can also design and build networks for most standard business and home systems to fit your unique business and home requirements – call today for free assessment.


Way’s Electric generator installation program provides turnkey service. We will purchase, deliver, and install your generator. Once everything is completely set up we will have a certified generator specialist start your generator and set your generators’ run cycle and power settings. Call now.


Way’s Electric electricians are experts wth ballasts. An electronic lamp ballast uses solid state electronic circuitry to provide the proper starting and operating electrical condition to power one or more fluorescent lamps and more recently HID lamps. Call us for installation.

Panel Upgrades

When you need an electrical service panel upgrade to accommodate more branch circuits or replace an outdated electrical service, Way’s Electric can help. If you are concerned about the possible fire and safety hazard of an aging electric service panel in your home call a Way’s Electrician today.

New Circuits

Circuit breakers serve two purposes. One purpose is to allow electricity to flow through a circuit and reach the things that require the power to operate. The second purpose is to stop the flow of electricity through the circuit it controls. For repairs or new circuit installation call now.

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