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Ways Electric are your local Atlanta electrician GFCI device specialists for both residential and commercial applications.

GFCI devices are required by the National Electrical Code for al of the following sections of your home or business: bathrooms, kitchens, garages, exterior outlets, and in places where people may come in contact with water and electricity.

Surprisingly there are still many homes in the Atlanta Metro Area that do not have these life saving devices installed. The governing body of all electricans are now begining to require GFCI devices in all new construction as a part of meeting proper electrical codes!

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Atlanta

Many of the homeowners and business owners that we run into are not sure if they even have GFCI devices or even if they know that, they are certainly not sure if they are functioning properly. The great news is that our certified electricians at Ways Electric can check your home for GFI devices and install them or replace them or repair them as necessary.

If you already have GFI devices in your home, our certified electricians can verify they work properly and will be ready when you need them. We suggest that everyone test their GFI devices monthly by pressing the “test” button on the face of the device. You are looking for the power to shutoff immediately. When you have completed the test, restore

power to the device by pressing the “reset” button on the face of the device. If all functions properly, great! If not, or you are unsure, or there are other rooms in your home where electricity and water may come into contact with each other, call us at Ways Electric today for a free estimate on getting these safe device installed!

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