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Congratulations on your brand new Ceiling Fan! Our Certified Electricians in Atlanta are just the people to install that ceiling fan in your home or office safely and securely!

The Ceiling Fan you purchased needs to be professionally wired to your Atlanta homes electrical system. The professionals at Way’s Electric have over 20 years experience performing all forms of electrical service as certified electrical contractors covering the entire Atlanta Metro Area and South Carolina!

If you want to get your ceiling fan up and running quickly and safely make sure you contact our safety certified professionals now!

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An easy-to-install ceiling fan can make a real difference in your Atlanta home’s climate – both cooling and heating – at a far lower cost and operating expense than almost any other item to perform a similar task. Whats important is that you hire a certified electrician to install the fan or at the very least inspect the circuits to ensure you can do it safely. Here are some tips, advice, and guidance:

The installation begins with choosing where the fan should be located. In almost all homes, the fan is installed in the center of the room, replacing a central light fixture. This spot provides a smooth air flow to most of the room, which is essential if you want the ceiling fan to cool and heat the room in your Atlanta home properly.

Since a ceiling fan draws about the same power as a ceiling fixture, the electrical circuit shouldn’t be overloaded. But if your fan includes lights, be sure the circuit it’s on has enough extra capacity to handle the load. If not, you must run a new circuit with a new circuit breaker from the house main service panel or subpanel to the fan. This is a great reason to bring in a certified, licensed, and bonded electrician from the Atlanta area.

If there is no central light fixture, you’ll have to create a place to hang the ceiling fan. Then, you’ll need to bring electrical power to it. You can tap into an existing circuit to do this.

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